List of products by brand RQ-BL

Clothing brand for women followers of gothic and steampunk styles. Skirts, tops, blouses, pants and jackets are part of RQ-BL clothing.

RQ-BL : Red Queen's Black Legion

Alternative, romantic or anti-conformist, go beyond ordinary clothing with the clothing brand RQ-BL, short for Red Queen's Black Legion. Original clothing for women wishing to assert their alternative gothic or steampunk style. If you want to have the RQ-BL brand in your wardrobe, then choose from the Red Queen's Black Legion clothing collections that our shop offers you!

RQ-BL clothes with a gothic look

If before, the followers of Gothic fashion wore only black from head to toe, today, other colors have been adopted in order to diversify the outfits. Wearing a white blouse or a red skirt has become a habit for goth fans, especially romantic goth or goth lolita. This is why the RQ-BL brand offers a very varied choice of Gothic clothing.

RQ-BL steampunk clothing

For fans of steampunk fashion, RQ-BLK clothing has become a must-have. A wide range of models are presented to you on our online store such as pants, various tops and skirts. Opt for RQ-BL clothing to assert your personality and highlight your steampunk look.