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After the popularization of women's pants, leggings became fashionable in the 60s and are now available in all styles including gothic leggings. Discover our collection of black or printed leggings, sober or in a radical style with wicca and witchy leggings but also ethnic and original clubwear leggings for your evenings and festivals.

Gothic pants for women


Colección de pantalones de mujer

Gothic pants for women in different more or less tight-fitting cuts and in different materials, leather or imitation leather, cotton, velvet, jeans but also harem pants and gothic baggy pants. Also discover our gothic rock and punk pants, steampunk pants and vintage retro pants for women with a pin-up rockabilly style.

Gothic shorts for women


Shorts women

Accompanied by fishnet stockings or printed tights, gothic or rock punk shorts will make you terribly attractive and at an affordable price all year round. In addition to our gothic shorts, discover a whole range of vintage retro pin-up shorts for a glamorous summer look.

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Pants, leggings or shorts? find our selection of sober or original women's stockings with gothic pants, rock punk shorts or boho witchy leggings to name just a few examples. Various models inspired by your favorite styles to perfect your outfits whatever the season.