Gothic candle holders for decoration

Candle holder & candles

Collection of gothic wiccan and rock metal candlesticks and candleholders from the brand Nemesis Now with a fantasy and occult theme. Essential for a gothic and romantic or boho witchy atmosphere. Different sizes, shapes of candle holders and gothic candles available.

Gothic fantasy boxes and cases

Box and case

Discover our collection of gothic jewellery boxes and secret boxes in fantasy design. Different sizes of gothic boxes available from the fantasy world but also rock metal storage boxes.

Gothic and rock clocks


Collection of gothic clocks and rock clocks screen-printed with fantastic works by Anne Stokes and James Ryman. The gothic and rock clocks will bring an original touch to your home.

Fancy gothic lamps


Discover our collection of gothic lamps and fantasy lamps in order to illuminate your interior in your image. Different models of gothic fantasy lamps are available.


Discover our selection of indoor fountains, of various sizes and inspirations with spiritual fountains for your gothic and occult decorations. You can also find fountains made of natural stones. Enjoy the soothing virtues of the rustling water produced by indoor fountains.

Gothic and fantasy figurines


Colección de figuras de resina de fantasía gótica o heroica para colocar en tu escritorio o estantería. Criaturas fantásticas u ocultas como lobos, dragones, gatos o unicornios, pero también ángeles, elfos y esqueletos. Un regalo original para cualquier aficionado a las decoraciones y figuras góticas.

Gothic cushions


To put on a sofa or in your bedroom, our collection of gothic and fairy cushions will give a fantastic touch to your interior. Dozens of different patterns, more or less dark or romantic.

Our dreamcatcher collection

Dream Catcher

Our collection of dreamcatchers, the decorations are different for each dreamcatcher. According to popular belief, the dream catcher prevents bad dreams from invading the sleep of its holder. Acting as a filter, it captures the dreams sent by the spirits, preserves the beautiful images of the night and burns the bad visions at first light.

Gothic fantasy incense holders decoration

Incense holder

Choose the gothic fantasy incense holder that best suits your interior from our collection. Different shapes and styles available, dark goth or romantic, make your choice among our gothic fantasy incense holders.

Decorative gothic bottles, mugs and chalices

Bottle, mug and chalice

Gothic chalices, rock mugs and fancy poison flask bottles, discover our collection of gothic rock and vampire containers from Nemesis Now.

Pencil box

Keep your style up to your desk while optimizing the storage of your pens with our original designs. Dragon pencil pots, gothic or simply humorous, it’s up to you to choose.




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Interior decoration

Interior decoration

Find all the items you need for a gothic rock atmosphere. Indoor fountains, boxes and cases, candlesticks, incense holders but also figurines with various inspirations. Also discover fantastic and magical decorative items with unicorns, fairies, elves and dragons for all ages and at all prices.