Biker clothing

Discover the biker and rock 'n roll clothing collections! You will find a wide selection of men’s and women’s clothing from rock 'n roll biker styles, from the most casual to the most dressed. Revisit your wardrobe to choose the rock biker clothes that will make you a real rock biker. Studded jeans, leather trousers, plain or printed tee-shirt, perfecto, all these variations are good to satisfy your wardrobe of bikers and rock'n roll clothing.

Biker accessories

There is nothing more important than biker and rock'n roll accessories to enhance your alternative look. You can wear a conchos bracelet or a skull pendant. You can add a backpack, or even a pair of leather mittens. The belts will also perfectly complement your outfit. We will not fail to accessorize also with bandanas and hats.

Rock'n roll / Biker shoes

Between must-haves and new alternative trends the Lair of Syria makes you discover its collection of bikers and rock'n roll shoes for women but also for men. The boots santiags will undoubtedly be the most appreciated just like the boots bikers. The creepers and sneakers will have a place of choice without forgetting the low or high rangers to wear in all circumstances.

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Biker / Rock'n Roll style fashion

Biker / Rock'n Roll style fashion

Discover in this category all the biker and rock style fashion items. Biker clothing, rock shoes, rock accessories. or even biker jewelry, it's up to you to create your biker rock style outfit. according to your tastes and your body type.