Men's gothic rock biker pendants

Men's pendant

Collection of men's pendants

Collection of gothic style men's necklaces and rock biker pendant in steel or silver with various patterns. Necklace pendant skull, pentacle or various cross. Many models at all prices and for all styles.

Men's gothic chains

Gothic chain

Men's chain collection

Many styles of chains for rock or gothic pendants, in stainless steel or silver, different sizes and different looks at a competitive price.

Rock and gothic rings for men

Men's ring

Men's ring collection

Collection of rock, biker and gothic rings in silver especially for men. Skull, cross, pentacles and stone inlay rings from the brand Alchemy Gothic. Many sizes and styles available among our gothic rings and rock rings.

Gothic rock and steampunk bracelets for men

Man bracelet

Collection of men's bracelets

Embellish your outfit with a gothic bracelet or rock biker bracelet in silver, stainless steel or leather and metal. Many models available, from the simplest to the most elaborate, of your favourite styles. Gothic bracelet, rock and biker bracelet or steampunk bracelet, make your choice.

Leather bracelets rock and gothic men

Leather bracelet

Collection of leather bracelets for men

Discover our collection of quality leather bracelets for men. Rock metal bracelets, gothic and steampunk bracelets but also studded or spiked cuffs. Whatever your favourite style, you will find the rock or gothic leather bracelet that suits you.

Rock and gothic earrings for men

Men's earrings

Men's earrings collection

In silver, surgical steel or pewter from the brand Alchemy Gothic, discover our collection of rock earrings and gothic earrings, fake plugs and spacers has many styles, rock, punk or gothic, especially for men.

Gothic chokers, cyber fetish men

Man neck

Men's choker collection

Men's necklaces are for gothic, cyber punk or fetish style lovers. Find our models of studded leather necklaces, with spikes or metal rings at tight prices. Gothic chokers, cyber goth chokers and fetish chokers, the choice is yours!

Gothic rock and steampunk watches for men


Men's watch collection

Always be on time by adorning your outfit with a quartz gothic rock watch or a metal gothic leather watch. Discover also the vintage steampunk pocket watches.

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Men's jewelry

Complete your gothic, steampunk or cyber punk outfit with an Alchemy Gothic brand jewel which offers the largest choice of rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, piercing or pendants. High quality and finesse of the jewels which combine silver, stainless steel and leather.

Our catalog of men's jewelry also includes a selection of gothic chains and simple or studded chokers.