Gothic and rock boots for men


Collection of men's boots

L'Antre de Syria offers you a unique choice of styles and shapes in its collection of men's boots. Among them, gothic boots and rock boots but also biker boots type biker boots which will give you an unusual look and will make people envious in your crew.

Gothic Rangers for men


Ranger collection for men

Punks not dead ! And neither are the rangeots, the proof is in our men's collection of low and high rangers in leather or imitation, simple or notched, from New Rock , steelground and Demonia. Very comfortable, you will be able to wear your rock, punk and gothic ranger boots every day.

Gothic wedge boots for men

Wedge boot

Collection of wedge boots for men

Take to the skies with a pair of gothic wedge or platform boots for men. In leather or vegan, make your choice of gothic wedge boots from our collections. Rock boots, punk boots and cyber goth or steampunk boots are also part of our collection of wedge boots.

Platform boot

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Men's boots collection

Collection of men's boots in alternative styles with flat boots, ranges, wedge boots and platforms for the most original. Find the brands New Rock, Steelground and Demonia which offer gothic boots, rock boots but also biker and metal.