Gothic bags for men and women


Bag collection

Large collection of gothic handbags, steampunk satchels and punk rock backpacks, In leather, imitation leather, vinyl or fabric with printed patterns. An essential fashion accessory to match your outfits. Choose from our gothic rock and steampunk bags, not to mention our pin up rockabilly bags.

Gothic purses and rock wallets


Purse collection

Collection of gothic wallets and rock wallets in leather or imitation leather for men and women. Among them are gothic wallets and purses with fantasy prints.

Rock metal wallet chains

Wallet chain

Collection of wallet chains

Wide choice of rock metal and gothic wallet chains with single, double or triple models. Often worn by men, wallet chains can also be worn by women.

Victorian gothic canes for men and women


Cane collection

Give your outfit an old-fashioned look with a Victorian gothic cane made of metal with a skull or dragon shaped knob. Ranging in length from 90cm to 100cm, our Victorian Gothic canes are beautifully finished and are suitable for both men and women.

Gothic rock belts for men and women

Belt & Buckle

Collection of belts and belt buckles

Men and women's collection of gothic rock metal and cyber punk belts in leather with metal or cartridge belt inserts, belt buckles with various symbols to match. Make your choice among our gothic rock belts.

Gothic and steampunk hats


Hat collection

Discover the collection of gothic hats from l'Antre de Syria with romantic Victorian top hats, steampunk hats but also pirate tricorn hats. The final touch to your underground look.

Gothic rock and punk ties


Tie collection

Whether you're a girl or a boy, add elegance and originality to your outfit with our selection of gothic ties and rock punk ties in skull and crossbones printed fabric.

Victorian romantic gothic fans


Collection of fans

What could be more glamorous than holding a lace or feather fan in your hand. Victorian romantic gothic fan in various colors to match your outfits.

Legs warmers: cyber gothic leggings

Cyber Gothic Legwarmers

Collection of legs warmers

Cyber gothic legs warmers or cyber gothic leggings cover the legs from the calves to the feet and are mostly made of synthetic fur. Very fashionable among alternative movements, L'Antre de Syria offers a selection of very original cyber gothic legacy warmers for women, plain or multicolored.

Gothic mittens and rock gloves

Mitten and gloves

Collection of mittens and gloves

Collection of gothic punk mittens and rock gloves in leather, fabric or wool for men and women. Many variations available, more or less long, very sober or with nails and metal chains. Choose your favourite gothic punk mitt or rock glove.

Romantic gothic parasol and lolita


Collection of parasols

The parasol is with the fan the romantic and glamorous accessory par excellence. Discover our Gothic romantic Victorian umbrellas in wood and plain lace, with embroidered or printed patterns but also our Gothic lolita sweet umbrellas.

Gothic rock and fantasy umbrellas


Umbrella collection

No longer fear the downpour with our fancy gothic umbrellas and foldable rock umbrellas for men and women. Different sizes, plain or with fantastic printed patterns, Gothic umbrellas will go perfectly with your outfits.

Gothic and rock keyrings


Keyring collection

The detail that makes the difference is a gothic keyring or rock metal keyring in the shape of a skull, stars or razor blade. For him or for her, a cheap and original stylish gift.

Man and woman makeup


Make-up and make-up accessories

Whether you are a girl or a boy, take care of your gothic or cyber goth look by applying make-up thanks to our selection of colored varnishes, false eyelashes, eyeliner and semi-permanent hair dyes.

Leather and fabric patches


Patch collection

In embroidered fabric or leather, to glue or sew, personalize your gothic, punk or biker outfit with a patch from our collection.

Gothic masks for men and women


Mask collection

Collection of fashionable and original protective masks to assert your style despite the obligations. Gothic protective masks, rock metal masks or original fantasy masks, there is something for all tastes and styles.

The collection of gothic glasses and googles

Glasses and goggles

Glasses & googles collection

Collection of glasses and goggles to wear every day or during parties and festivals. This accessory will give an extra touch of originality to your outfits from the most sober to the most extravagant with iridescent and holographic glasses, cyber goggles, steampunk monocles and many others.

Hair accessories, gothic additions and Hair clips.

Hair accessories

Accessories for your hair

Encuentra toda una gama de accesorios para el cabello para completar tu look. Agregue un toque final a su atuendo con pasadores, cintas para la cabeza, clips, elásticos, tiaras y otros accesorios para el cabello, siempre en sus estilos favoritos.

caps and beanies on the Antre de Syria

Cap and Beanie

Collection of caps and beanies

Men's and women's collections of rock style caps and beanies, biker and hip hop all seasons. 

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Fashion accessories

Large catalogue of gothic and cyber punk fashion accessories for men and women with our hats, gloves and mittens, umbrellas, belts but also add-ons, hair clips or mini hats.
Hundreds of references of great brands (Jawbreaker, Sourpuss, Banned, Sinister, Restyle, ...) to complete your gothic or steampunk outfit selected for their quality / price ratio.