Men's gothic rock punk pants


Men's pants collection

Collection of men's gothic pants, plain black, colored or with printed patterns, but also cyber punk goth baggy pants, bondage punk pants fitted with straps and metal rings and steampunk pants with vintage cuts. Many references of gothic pants but also rock pants from the most sober to the dark.

Gothic rock metal shorts for men


Men's Shorts Collection

Collection of gothic shorts and rock punk shorts with skulls and fantasy motifs. Discover also our metal camouflage cargo shorts. Different lengths and cuts.  Gothic metal shorts are ideal to keep your alternative look even in summer.

Gothic skirts for men and kilts

Men's skirt and kilt

Collection of skirts and kilts for men

Discover our collection of gothic skirts for men with straps or chains but also plain tartan or black kilts for your rock metal Vikings outfits. Ideal for an original look, the gothic or cyber punk skirts and kilts will not let you go unnoticed.

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Men's pants, kilt, shorts

Pants, shorts or kilt? find our selection of men's socks, sober or original with gothic pants, rock punk shorts or Scottish metal kilt to name just a few examples.