Gothic tops for women


Women's tops

Follow the latest trends in alternative fashion and find a varied collection of women's tops from classic to original for all seasons. Tops, tank tops, short and long sleeved tees, blouses and shirts as well as jumpers in your favourite styles. Gothic, punk rock, steampunk, pin-up, retro, wiccan and witchy, ethnic boho, the choice is yours!

Bottoms clothing for women


Low clothing

Pants, leggings or shorts? find our selection of sober or original women's stockings with gothic pants, rock punk shorts or boho witchy leggings to name just a few examples. Various models inspired by your favorite styles to perfect your outfits whatever the season.

Original skirts


Skirts women

Large selection of short skirts and long skirts with different looks. Skater skirt, mini skirt, asymmetric skirt, trapeze skirt ... you will be spoiled for choice, always in your favorite styles such as romantic gothic, witchy and boho or even retro pin-up. There is something for all tastes, all body types.

Alternative fashion dresses


Short or long dresses

Large selection of short dresses, long dresses and tunic dresses of your favorite styles such as romantic gothic long dresses, witchy and boho dress or even retro pin-up dresses and clubwear dresses for your festivals. Original or sober dresses. There is something for all tastes, all body types.

Women's coats and jackets

Jackets and coats

Women's jacket and coats

Discover our collection of jackets, jackets and coats for women. Light or warm, long or short, there is something for all tastes and all seasons. Gothic long coat, rock and punk jacket, retro pin-up 3/4 coat or boho witchy jacket. Make your choice.

Gothic capes for women


Women's capes

Many models of long or short gothic capes in velvet, vinyl or lace. Gothic cloak of romantic Victorian inspiration but also gothic witchy witch style capes.

Bustiers corsets

Bustiers Corsets

Collection of bustiers and corsets

Showcase your femininity with our collection of corset bustiers. Glamorous bustier, gothic corset or steampunk corset, cyber waist cincher, all the styles you adore are present in our catalog of corset bustier and waist cincher.

Gothic stockings and tights for women

Socks and Tights

Socks and tights

Whether you are looking for gothic lingerie items or accessories for your alternative outfits, Antre de Syria offers you a collection adapted to your look with gothic, dark or romantic Victorian stockings and tights as well as retro pin-up tights and gothic lolita socks.


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Women's gothic clothing

Find all the alternative fashion through the collections of women's gothic clothing of L'antre de Syria and discover the latest trends. Victorian romantic gothic fashion, but also gothic rock, punk emo, cyber goth and steampunk without forgetting retro vintage fashion for pin up rockabilly lovers. Build a complete wardrobe of your favourite styles from underwear to jackets and coats.
Among our gothic and alternative women's clothing collections, discover a wide range of tops with our gothic corset bustiers, t-shirts and cardigans and bottoms with short and long skirts, trousers and dresses. Great brands like Phaze clothing, Punk Rave, Killstar, Spiral Direct or Vixxsin at great prices.