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Discover the Poizen Industries brand through a wide range of gothic clothing and accessories for men and women. Skirts, jackets, dresses, tops and coats are part of the Poizen Industries collections

Poizen Industries : clothing and accessories

Poizen Industries clothing and accessories are a sign of originality and often darkness. With their unique look and design, the Poizen Industrie brand brings the gothic world to life. When you choose a Poizen Industrie garment you are sure to get a quality and unique item whether you are a woman or a man.

Poizen Industries clothing

The Poizen industries brand unveils new models of men's and women's clothing throughout the year, depending on the season. We select for you the most appreciated of them. Our range of Poizen Industries clothing is both original and varied, with many coats in various cuts, as well as skirts, dresses and tops of all kinds. All you have to do is choose the right outfit to express your creativity and your look.

Poizen Industries and accessories

To complete your outfit Poizen Industrie also offers accessories with mittens or gloves that will perfectly enhance your look. You will also find handbags and backpacks always in the gothic style. Lately, some of the most original masks have been created among the Poizen Industries accessories, a guaranteed effect during your parties!

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