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Alchemy Gothic is the benchmark for romantic and rock gothic jewelry. Looking for an Alchemy Gothic ring, necklace, bracelet, watch or earrings, discover the widest collection with Alchemy Gothic jewelry

Alchemy Gothic: romantic and rock gothic jewelry

The Alchemy Gothic brand imported from England is a leader in gothic and alternative jewelry, it offers a wide range for both women and men and is now known throughout the world. The quality of these jewels, mainly in pewter, combines finesse and originality and is embellished with semi-precious stones such as Swarovski crystal. Discover through our catalog the universe of Alchemy Gothic jewelry.

Alchemy Gothic jewelry for women

Women are spoiled for choice with Alchemy Gothic jewellery, whether by the different styles or the different types of jewellery. Pendant, necklace and choker to highlight their necklines, bracelets and rings to highlight their hands but also earrings of all kinds. Among the designs you will find butterflies as well as bats, or even hearts and crucifixes. Romantic gothic jewelry, dark gothic jewelry or even rock jewelry, Alchemy Gothic jewelry will never cease to amaze you.

Alchemy Gothic jewelry for men

Men have not been forgotten by the Alchemy Gothic brand, you will discover from our catalog many gothic jewelry and rock jewelry for men. Pendant with demonic guitar, Thor's hammer necklace, wrist of strength with pentacle or even skull ring to name a few examples. With the Alchemy Gothic brand you will be spoiled for choice whatever your taste in alternative jewelry.

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