List of products by brand Tuk

Brand of punk, gothic and pinup rockabilly shoes for both men and women.

Tuk shoes: choice and originality

Si Created in 1991 in San Diego, California, the Tuk brand offers original shoes and boots for men and women. Inspired by different styles but also by current fashion, Tuk shoes can be worn with an eccentric outfit as well as with a more classic outfit.

Tuk shoes for men

Among the collections of Tuk men's shoes, discover a wide range of creepers in all colors. All-purpose models in black, white or burgundy red, but also creepers with patterns or in the colors of the rainbow. On the material side, we find leather, velvet, but also Vegan materials. For even more comfort, the Tuk brand also offers sneakers, and for dressier outfits, city shoes.

Tuk shoes for women

Women also have a large selection of creepers and sneakers in various looks and colors, from the most sober to the most original, but the Tuk brand also offers ankle boots and shoes with platform soles as well as ranger boots, not to mention the famous Tuk shoes end of the foot decorated with a cat's head.

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