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Brand of gothic rock and punk clothing for men and women. Pants, skirts, dresses, jackets, shirts and tops are part of the Vixxsin collections.

Vixxsin : the goth and punky clothing brand

Vixxsin is an original alternative clothing brand for both women and men. Having become an essential brand in the world of gothic, punk and rock ready-to-wear, it is often renewed to satisfy customers around the world according to the seasons and the latest trends.

Vixxsin clothing for women

The Vixxsin brand offers a wide collection of women's clothing ranging from simple tops to pants, dresses and skirts. Choose, for example, leggings pants open at the thighs that you will match with a top with skulls or opt for an all-black gothic and rock dress with a pentagram, the latest fashion in terms of alternative ready-to-wear.

Vixxsin clothes for men

Men are not left out either, since the Vixxsin brand offers a wide selection of clothing dedicated exclusively to men. Gothic pants with faux leather inserts, checkered shirts with a rock look, ripped striped t-shirt with a punk style and a large number of jackets of all kinds. Quickly discover our selection of Vixxsin clothing for men from our catalog.

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