List of products by brand Nemesis Now

Brand dedicated to accessories and fantasy gothic decoration. Fairy, elves, skulls, dragons, unicorns, pentacles, animals such as wolves, cats, owls and many more.

Nemesis Now: gothic and fantasy decorations

Created in 2003 in England, the Nemesis Now brand specializes in gothic and fantasy style decoration. You will discover among the Nemesis Now decorations different collections, in particular with artists such as Anne Stokes, Lisa Parker or Jasmine Becket-Griffith. Ideal for making a gift, the Nemesis Now brand is unbeatable when it comes to original decorative objects for your interior.

Decoración gótica y oscura de Nemesis Now

Among the Nemesis Now decorations you will discover many Gothic objects of all kinds with witch figurine, skull mug, romantic Gothic angel statuette, pentacle-shaped candlestick, newspaper or grimoire to name but a few examples. You will discover in our catalog many Nemesis Now items as different as each other in order to satisfy all your desires and allow you to decorate your interior in your image.

Nemesis Now fantastic decorations

If you like the fantastic universe then the Nemesis Now decoration brand is made for you. Discover a whole range of varied objects with fairies, dragons, elves, unicorns, wolves and many more. Lamps, figurines, cushions, mirrors, jewelry box etc... you will be spoiled for choice.

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