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The Banned brand formerly Living Dead Souls offers clothing and accessories for men and women. Gothic rock style, steampunk but also rockabilly and retro pin up.

Banned or Living Dead Souls

The Living Dead Souls brand has changed its name and has become Banned, it honors the gothic, rock and punk universe but has also launched into rockabilly and retro pin-up fashion. Mainly dedicated to women, it nevertheless offers clothing and accessories for men. If you are a fan of these styles or are simply looking for something out of the ordinary, then the Banned brand is for you.

Banned clothing for men and women

Among Banned's clothing collections, discover a wide range of items for women with, among other things, dresses, cardigans, skirts, pants and leggings, jackets, coats, tops and tops, to name only the main ones. All of these types of clothing come in several styles ranging from gothic to pin-up to steampunk or punk rock. The same is true for men's clothing with sweatshirts or shirts. As you will have understood, the Banned clothing brand is for everyone, whatever your look.

Also dare Banned accessories

The Banned brand also has a large number of accessories or more precisely a large number of bags of all kinds for both women and men. Steampunk shoulder bag, romantic gothic clutch, rockabilly pin-up handbag or rock backpack, you will be spoiled for choice. Also discover purses to match handbags and hair accessories typical of retro and vintage fashion.

Discover the latest Banned clothing and accessories online on the store throughout the year!

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