Unicorn figurines

Unicorn figurines

Unicorns, between reality and legend.

The unicorn, also known as the unicorn is a legendary creature that has fascinated the East and West for centuries. Once described as a ferocious animal, symbol of purity and grace, the unicorn became the most important imaginary animal in the Western world. The belief in its existence is omnipresent, horns presented as coming from unicorns are sold, they would have the power to purify liquids and cure many diseases. With time the image of the unicorn is modernized, it becomes a large and beautiful white horse with a horn in the middle of the forehead that inspires magic and purity.

Unicorn figurine and decoration

In order to give a touch of enchantment and magic to your living room or bedroom, you will find on the shop various models of unicorn figurines. Medium sizes, small or large, our unicorn figurines come straight out of the world of imagination and fairy tales. You will also be able to discover various objects of decorations and accessories taking again the marvellous topic of the unicorns with boxes with jewels, key rings, cushions or wall decorations.

To accompany your unicorn figurine you will also discover many models of fantastic figurines with fairies and elves.