Gothic makeup

Gothic makeup

Gothic makeup for all

Gothic makeup was once worn only by style followers, but now gothic makeup is also a fashion affair. Whether you want to adopt a mysterious air or a bewitching look, gothic makeup is for you. Very trendy, even stars far from the Gothic universe have fallen for him, such as Rihanna or Lady Gaga to name just a few examples.

What is gothic makeup?

Gothic make-up is characterized by a very light complexion contrasted by eyes and lips made up in dark colors, mostly black. But this is not a requirement, a natural complexion with smoky eyes and a discreet lipstick can also accompany your everyday gothic look, because it must be admitted a typical gothic makeup is difficult to wear in everyone's life. days and at work. We will opt for a more pronounced gothic makeup during a party or during Halloween or we can give free rein to our imagination with Sugar Doll skeleton makeup, pale complexion and red lipstick with the vampire allure. The most gifted among you can draw fancy patterns with black eyeliner for a fairy gothic or witch-worthy disguise with cobwebs and arabesques.


As you will have understood, gothic makeup can be adapted to all styles and all occasions, from the most sober to the more extravagant. Here are some gothic makeup ideas below: